Our special litter arrived …


8 gorgeous puppies (4 girls and 4 boys) were born on August 27, 2010 in our home.

From the breeding of

Sire: Am. Can. Ch. Amsterdam Winner 2008 Lumiere Carrington Hot Hot Hot (Robson)

(BIS/SBIS Am. Cdn. Ch. Carrington's All Fired Up TP X Ch. Katie Scarlett of Pandaridge TP)




                               Dam: Int. Isr. Ch. Flower of Sunshine Iz Volzhskoy Serenady (Tulip)

(Int. Isr. Ch. Genteel Farley's D Sunshine X Int. Rus. Ch. Sensatsia iz Volzhskoy Serenady)



We flew with Tulip 18 hours from Tel-Aviv to Vancouver (Canada) to Lumiere Standards to breed Tulip to amazing Robson.


We are most grateful to Natalie Lasanen and her family for hospitality, support and friendship.

We are specially grateful to our friends Terry Farley and John Dejo (Farleys D Standards, USA), to Dianne Hopper (Carrington Standard Poodles, Canada),

Ora Marcus (Ormar Standard Poodles, Canada) and many friends in Israel and abroad who supported and helped any moment needed.   

Please refer to Growing Up page and Puppies individual pages for more pictures

Tulip and Robson kids

Meshi  (Sunshine Flowers Alma Meshi) is owned by the wonderful family of Haya and Yuma Horowitz. Alma Meshi means in Hebrew - Silk girl and this is truly what Meshi is ! She is sweet, tender and beautiful girl, the sweetheart of the whole family. Haya was the first who contacted us looking for the puppy ... she chose a little girl with the mismark, wishing that this special girl who can't be shown, will have a most special loving home.  Read more ...

                    2.5 months old

Gloria (Sunshine Flowers Alti Gloria) is proudly co-owned with a special family of Miriam (Marina), Yuri and Yoni Greenberg. Marina is the prominent biologist, the daughter of the favorite writer about animals Igor Akimushkin. From the first time we met, we felt like soul mates. Gloria is a beautiful show girl with a wonderful natural carriage and grace. She is very intelligent and sweet, and is absolutely admired by the whole family and friends! Read more …

             8 weeks old

Archi (Sunshine Flowers Archibald) is owned by the wonderful family of Tatiana (Tania) Boguslovsky. From the moment Tania called me and asked for the companion puppy, I knew that Archi is meant for her. Archi was born one of the smallest and turned into beautiful, big, gentle boy with the most loving and sweet  personality, he is adored by his family and everyone who meets him. Read more...

                   2 months old

Ginger (Sunshine Flowers Amber Ginger Bambi) is proudly owned and loved by the wonderful family of Eli, Chen, Dor and Tal Venezia. Ginger found his home being 5 months old. We looked and looked for the family where this special boy will be most happy, knowing how much Sunshine he will bring in return, and one day we met Eli and Chen Venezia ! Ginger, we called him at home Bambi, is truly the King. He has outstanding personality, elegance and beauty, bringing the joy around him !    Read more…


                                             4.5 months old

Mishka (Sunshine Flowers Alaska Polar Bear) is an absolute love of our family. He has irresistible charm with his open, sweet and loving character, bringing light whenever he appears. He is also loved by all puppies, they probably consider him the big brother. We were looking for the dream family for this very special puppy. We met number of people who wanted to buy him, but yet we didn't feel that this is the right home for Mishka, so he stayed with us as part of our family. Read more ...


            2.5 months old                              3.5 months old

Champ (Sunshine Flowers Almond Blossom) is our very special boy. He is a light apricot, but his structure, movement and carriage from the very young age are taking the breath away. And on top of that he has an outstanding temperament, always smiling, always head up, so outgoing, friendly and full of joy ! When we go out all together Champ always attracts special admiration. 
Read more ...


           2.5 months old                                                                        3.5 months old

Amaryllis (Sunshine Flowers Amaryllis Elegance) is a very nice show girl, the more she grows, the more she unfolds like a flower. She combines nice conformation and temperament, she reminds a lot grandfather Sunny and Mom Tulip, always attentive, willing to please, trying to be the first and always near. Read more ...

3.5 months old

Alyssa (Sunshine Flowers Alstroemeria Spark) is our very special girl. She has stunning dark color and very nice conformation. She is the darkest in the litter. Many of our friends feel that she is Red/Apricot, even that she was born from two Apricot parents. We will see with time which color she will get growing up. Alyssa and Alya are two friends, both of them are running and jumping amazingly, organizing "races" when we go out all  together.Alyssa was called after the name of the gorgeous flower Alstroemeria - Princess of Lilies. Read more…

Please refer to Growing Up page and Puppies individual pages for more pictures