Tulip-Robson puppies Growing Up

9 -11 months old


9 months old


Socializing in the Park :)


And enjoying dog grounds

8-9 months old

Left picture: at the Mediterranean Winner show. on the right: walking near Latrun

7-8 months old



In Park "Canada"

5 - 7 months old

Socializing everywhere ... Park "Leumi", Ramat Gan

Wonderful dog grounds in Tel-Aviv ...



Mutual socialization :)

Last pictures are done by cellular phone, we just couldn't refuse the kids who asked to make a picture :) Sorry for the dogs coats after the rains.

4.5 - 5 months old



4 months old


3.5 months old






3 months old



9-12 weeks




8th week

7th week


6th week


The boys 6 weeks old


The girls 6 weeks old


5th week



4th week


3d week

2nd week

Grandpa Sunny watching the puppies

Girls 12 days old


Boys 12 days old


1st week


Waiting for the big moment .

Grandfather Sunny and Mom Tulip waiting for the big moment, always together



Dad Robson with all Lumiere family worrying and waiting for babies in Vancouver.