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Champ is our very special boy. He is a light apricot, but his structure, movement and carriage from the very young age are taking the breath away. And on top of that he has an outstanding temperament, always smiling, always head up, so outgoing, friendly and full of joy ! When we go out all together Champ always attracts special admiration. 



Champ 9 months old getting Excellent and Class Winner at the Poodle Specialty on 4.06.2011 judged by Dirk Spruyt (Belgium)

Champ 8 months old winning the title "Best Puppy in Breed" at the Mediterranean Winner Show 7.05.2011 judged by Andrew Brace (UK)

"Well grown, masculine but still with quality, balanced head, just enough neck, compact body, excellent angles, very composed mover for his age, Very Promising, Best Puppy !" wrote Mr. Andrew Brace in the report


Champ 7 months old winning the title "Best Puppy in Breed" at the Specialty Show on 2-Apr-2011 judged by Tiina Taulos (Finland)


Champ 5.5 months old winning Best Puppy in Breed, Best Puppy in Show - 2 at the Specialty Show on 19-Feb-2011 judged by Fabian Arienti (USA).




5 months old

Champ 3.5 months, picture on the left taken by Nina Maslennikova during her visit in Israel


3 months old


1.5 months old

3 weeks old

2 weeks old with brothers


Champ (orange band) third from the left just a few days born