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November 21, 2009 Poodle Specialty , Israel (judge Mr. Philip Langdon, England)

Video from the show

Sunny won Excellent, BOB, Best Veteran in Show

Tulip won Excellent, Best Bitch, BOS and finished Israel Grand Championship

October 24, 2009 International Show Afula, Israel

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Sunny and Tulip won Best Brace in Show (judge Mr. Juan Naveda, Spain)

Sunny got Excellent, Tulip - Excellent, CACIB, BOB (judge Mr. Petru Muntean, Romania)

May 9, 2009 International Show Afula, Israel

Sunny won BOB, Tulip - CACIB, BOS  (judge Mr. Christian Stefanescu , Romania)

December 20, 2008 Poodle Specialty , Israel (judge Mrs. Lisbeth Mach, Switzerland)

Sunny won BOB, "Best Veteran in Show "Very elegant, in super color. Perfect to standard. Excellent temperament... Classic head, nice expression. Sound mover, very stylish. " 

Tulip won Excellent, BOS "Feminine. Correct size. Excellent coat, color and quality. Beautiful body close to standard....Excellent tail, Sound mover with class." wrote Mrs. Lisbeth Mach in the report.

November 8, 2008 International Show Arad, Israel

Sunny and  Tulip won "Best Brace in Show - 2"  (judge Mr. Avi Marshak, Israel)

Sunny won "Best Veteran in Show - 2" (judge Dr. Rita Trainin, Israel)

In the Breed ring Sunny won BOB, Tulip - CAC, CACIB, BOS and finished Israel Championship (judge Mr. Avi Marshak, Israel)


March 1,2008 Poodle Specialty (judge Laurent Pichard, Switzerland)

Sunny - BOB and Best Veteran in Show, "Excellent Breed Type" wrote Mr. Laurent Pichard

Tulip - CAC, BOS


January 19,2008 International Show Tel Aviv, Israel

Sunny and his 17 months old daughter Tulip won "Best Brace in Show"  (judge Mrs. Janiki Steinbock, Israel)

In the Breed ring Sunny won BOB, Tulip - CAC, CACIB, BOS (judge Mrs. Martha Heine, Germany)


June 06, 2007 Poodle Specialty

                            BOS (judge Mrs. Lilian De Rider, Belgium)


May 12, 2007 International show Mayan Harod, Israel

                              8x CACIB, Best of Breed (judge Rita Reyniers, Belgium)


                              "From top of nose to tip of tail - real Champion" wrote Mrs. Rita Reyniers



September 2, 2006 Poodle Specialty (judge Mr. Jose Vidal Montero, Venezuela)

"Good type, nice head, good teeth and bite, excellent front and top line, good angulations...".

July 29, 2006 Poodle Specialty

                               Best in Show 3, Best of Breed (judge Mrs. Lisbeth Mach, Switzerland)

"5 1/2 years, very elegant standard dog, correct apricot color for the age, top quality body very close to standard, ... good neck and tail set, ... excellent typical head, good pigmentation, nice expression.... Excellent mover, very showing".

wrote Mrs. Lisbeth Mach among the compliments


February  4, 2006 Poodle Specialty

                               Best in Show 4, Best of Breed (judge Agnes Ganami Kertes, Israel)


December 10, 2005 Poodle Specialty

                               Best in Show 3, Best of Breed (judge George Kostopulos, Greece)

"Worthy champion. Masculine, also elegant. Very attractive head.  Well placed dark enough eyes. Excellent fore chest. Strong top line, short enough loin. Sound stylish mover. Very well handled. "

 wrote Mr. George Kostopulos

 April 9, 2005     International show Mayan Harod, Israel

                              7x CACIB, Best in Group 9 -3(judge Francesco Cocetti, Italy),

                              Best of Breed (judge Cristian Stefanescu, Hungary)


                              "Real Champion" wrote Mr. Cristian Stefanescu


    March 26, 2005 Poodle Specialty

                               Best in Show 2, Best of Breed (judge Henrik Hannelius, Finland)

Excellent type. Very stylish handsome male. Presented in Excellent show condition. Beautiful outline and proportions. Long lean head. Small dark eyes. Should be stronger at the jaw. Excellent neck, shoulders and quarters. Nice color and texture. Moves with carriage and drive"  wrote Mr. Henrik Hannelius


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Rivka grew out of Juniors, but they still greatly enjoy Showing. 

  Sunny in the Group 9 ring.