Junior Handling




Rivka and Sunny – 1st place in Israel Finals 2004,  A cut of 8 best Junior Handlers at the European Dog Show 2002 in Paris                 



Rivka is Sunny’s Junior handler. They started to show together when Sunny was a young puppy and it was not easy at all with Sunny’s active and strong temperament. He was going through the stages of growing up, wanted to play with other dogs as a puppy; he was jealous when junior handlers had to change the dogs and Rivka was showing somebody else, in short it was not easy to prepare her own dog and to compete with experienced handlers.  But Rivka was not giving up and continued to show Sunny. 


They took part and won the prize places in all major Junior handling competitions in Israel in the last two years.  They showed together also in Junior handling competitions of World Dog Show 2002 and European Dog show 2002, getting to a final cut of 8 best European Junior Handlers at the Euro Dog Show 2002 in Paris.


And on January 25, 2004 came the most exciting win! Rivka and Sunny won the 1st place at Israel Final Junior Handler competition, by this making Rivka an Israel representative at the Junior Handling competition of world’s greatest Dog show Crufts (England) in March 2004. It is a great honor and a big responsibility!    


There is always a place for learning and polishing the skills, but we are all proud of the appreciation that Rivka and Sunny got in these years for their work and devotion of real friends.




Showing at the World Dog Show on 5.07.2002




Junior Handling competition at the International shows on 19.10.02, change of dogs




1st place in the Junior Handling tournament with the judge from Holland on 14.12.02





1st place at the tournament on 7.12.2002 with  Italian Judge Fransesco Cochetti



2nd place at the International show on 27.04.2002 with Israel judge Mrs. Agnes Ganami Kertes






2nd place at the International shows of 5.04.2003 and 25.10.03 with Israel judge Mrs. Yulanda Magal and the judge from Hungary



Junior Handling Final tournament on January 24,2004


Junior Handling competitions are held in Israel several times a year. Ten Junior Handlers with highest results are invited to compete in Semi-Final competition, while four of them with highest score get to the Final. The winner of the Final tournament is honored to represent Israel at the Junior Handling competition of world’s greatest Dog show Crufts (England).

Four independent judges judge semi-final and final competitions.




Photo from www.petnet.co.il


1st Place – Rivka Libkind is Israel Junior Handler representative at Crufts 2004

Judges: Mrs. Myrna Shibolet, Mr. Zvika Couperberg, Mr. Yotam Fainshtein, Mr. Eitan Hendel






Rivka showing Sunny – truly a Team



Junior handlers group with the Judges



Photo from www.petnet.co.il


Both Happy!



International Junior Handling Final CRUFTS 2004



Rivka Libkind – Israel representative at CRUFTS 2004

(Showing white poodle Acecliffe Star Charmer - Refer to page CRUFTS 2004 for more pictures and details)


International Show Mayan Harod(Israel)

On May 8,2004





1st place at the International show on 08.05.2004 with Israel judge Mrs. Agnes Ganami Kertes