Sunshine a Puppy





Sunny is always a pleasure. His intelligence, sweetness and at the same time special dignity was seen from the first day he appeared in our home. His attentive look is so typical for him.


We started to socialize Sunny taking him everywhere when the first vaccinations were over. Sunny has a very active, playful and steady temperament. He was fearless with dogs, even being a very little puppy, meeting everybody with head and tail up, and then after the first moments of acquaintance he was calling to run and play. He could run for hours, never showing that he is tired. And then after coming home falling asleep like a little teddy bear.


At the age of 6 months we started showing and training Sunny. He just loves all activities and excels in everything. He enjoys a show ring and works beautifully in Obedience and Agility.  He is charming whatever he does, working smiling and spreading the joy around. Truly Sunshine !  


Below are a few pictures of Sunny growing up.





Sunny 7.5 weeks, first days in Israel.




Sunny 2.5 months,  in the park




Sunny 16 weeks, profile




Sunny 4.5 months




Sunny 6 months, I want to run!



Sunny 9 months



Sunny 12 months all grown up!



First Agility lessons



First Obedience exercises, I love all of them!