In Moscow




Terrie, Rivka and Tania in Moscow 1988


Terrie was the dog that grew with our kids. He was born just a year before I met my husband and Ruth was born. He had an extremely strong and at the same time very tender personality.  Terrie immigrated with us to Israel and lived here until 16 years old. He was a friend and the company to the little kids and the whole family, being always full of joy, intelligence and humor.





Three Mom’s kids: Ruth, Rivka and Terrie. 1987.


Little Ruth and Terrie at home.  1986




Terrie a puppy in Moscow snow.                   Terrie with his littermates. 1984




Byte and me (second on the right) at the work competition. 1976.


Byte was my second dog that left behind himself long memories.

He was the dog who was always with me in all my trips. He was the last and the smallest in the litter, so his bond to me was really special. He was an exceptionally good working dog. You can see how many medals he had (It was used in Moscow to put the dogs medals on the collar at the opening parade).





Night was a wonderful dog and a true friend. I was just 13 years old and was not afraid of anything when Night was near. We spent together long days walking in the parks, training, showing and enjoying the company of our dog friends.






Night - my first long waited puppy of Airedale Terrier. 1970.

He was so black that I couldn’t believe that he will turn into regular color Airedale. So I called him Night keeping in mind another similar pronounced word “Knight”, he was truly this kind of dog.